Gioielli Pantalena Events

Curatorial Project Gioielli Pantalena with Pedro Nart

April 2017

Del Bosco Collection Alphaville

November 2016

Launch of the Del Bosco Collection

October 2016

Explanation of the History of Jewerly

June 2016

Jewerly Afternoon and Talk About

June 2016

Gioielli Pantalena by Lilly Sarti

May 2016

Launch of the Le Cap Collection

November 2015

Gioielli Pantalena - Villa Effetti - RJ

June 2015

Gioielli Pantalena by Patricia Bonaldi

April 2015

Talk About in Daslu

March 2015

Launch Daslu Autumn Winter

March 2015

Launch of the Cinecittà Collection

April 2014

Launch of the Pantalena's Book

June 2013

Launch of the Tramas Collection

April 2013

Launch of the Relevos Collection

September 2012

Launch of the Leaves Collection

May 2012

Launch Gioielli Pantalena

November 2011

Lala Rudge for Pantalena

April 2011

Concrete for Pantalena

October 2010

"Dentelle" for Pantalena

April 2010


April 2010

Undressed for Pantalena

January 2010

Champagne in Casa Magrella

December 2008


May 2008

Launch the Casa Magrella

December 2007

Hotel Fasano

November 2007

Raia de Goeye

June 2007

Casa Magrella

April 2007